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What Does Your Book Cover Say About Your Book?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Your book cover should be an open invitation to explore and purchase the book, right? Hybrid author, indie author, whatever, we all want our books to sell. We WANT people to read them.

In today's world, Amazon has SOOO much leverage in book marketing. Think of your book cover as a fast-cycling digital billboard on a tremendously busy highway. When glimpsed by a passerby, you want YOUR book cover to stand out and grab the attention of potential readers. Here are a few tips to consider:

1 - Ensure your book cover is a snapshot of the PROMISED CONTENT the reader is expecting

2 - Track book cover trends by genre and make sure your book cover is at least 'in the ballpark' for your genre (the above book cover is a 2021 memoir)

3 - Make certain your book cover designer is experienced with doing book cover work (ask to see a portfolio) and well-versed in points 1 & 2 above

4 - Your book cover creator needs to GET what your book is all about (a lengthy conversation accompanied by a creative brief will go a long way to enable you to determine if you've hired the right graphic arts professional for YOUR book cover), and complete the work from the perspective of your 'target reader'...would the cover SPEAK to them and convince them to inquire further or even purchase the book simply by looking at the cover...some DO

The bottom line is this...whether on a bookstore shelf or via KDP (Amazon) advertising... you'll be looking at X impressions netting you X in sales...a book cover that does not deliver will cost you sales.

Scott Ragain is an author and the founder of EG Media Group.

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