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Online Marketing / Publicity / E-commerce

There are over 4.5 billion internet users.  In the crowded sales, marketing, and information space that is the internet, how does a person, business, corporation, service, or a talent/author make sure they stand out to prospective customers or clients, that you ARE noticed, and deserve further inquiry?  How do you convert that inquiry into a new sale, lead, customer, or opportunity?  

What is online marketing? 

It is multi-faceted.  It is YOUR website and providing visitors a simple and engaging user experience.  It is your logo...creating one commensurate with your brand, your marketing plans, and one that resonates with potential customers/clients.  It includes the utilization of  SEO (search engine optimization…important to keep up to date with algorithm/industry changes), branding and getting the public or your niche to both love what you do and remain loyal to your brand.  It’s online advertising, social media sharing, creating engaging online including written, video, and even audio. 


Online marketing involves ensuring the content and messaging you create strengthens your brand, is engaging, trackable, entails list-building/email marketing, online advertising, and utilizes the art of engendering market trust via the posting of educational and entertaining content, TV spots, OTT spots, radio spots, print, and publicity. 


Online marketing IS the effective, strategic implementation of all of the aforementioned (and more)…to generate revenue and help you grow your business, non-profit, or other platform…wherever your passion lies.  It can be daunting.  We value YOUR time…and if your time can be spent more wisely and efficiently doing what you do best, then we’d like to be your go-to online marketing company because that’s one of the things we do best

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How does e-commerce fit into this online world?

A few facts…before making a purchase, about ninety percent of B2B customers and just over eighty percent of shoppers use the internet to conduct research, to validate and help them feel more comfortable about purchasing a product or service and from whom they make that purchase.  It is important to note that the vast majority of mobile phone searches for a company or service in their community or any community they are visiting result in a sale.

E-commerce is always evolving.  It is a nine-trillion-dollar industry.  Laying the groundwork with a solid online marketing platform and developing consumer trust is crucial to maximizing your e-commerce potential.  We utilize the latest e-commerce technology to ensure seamless sku/product/service integration, a great user interface, as well as safe and secure transactions.



One way to stand out in this hi-tech world is to have print articles written about you (or how your business, product, or services help people, their families, and communities), or tips for consumers, etc., strategically placed in prominent magazines and online publications.  That, coupled with radio, podcast, and TV interviews generates interest.  Interest leads to online searches, phone calls, and purchases.  Plus…people want to hear from, learn from, and purchase from EXPERTS.  Let us help.   

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