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E.G. Media Group is a Saint Louis based company specializing in the development of local, regional, and national video production work which includes compelling & targeted social media content, traditional marketing videos/commercials, political video, TV pilots, TV shows, live streaming, and more.

Relationships Matter

We want you to think of us as your in-house video production company and creative partner. Whether you need a web commercial, event sizzle video, streamed LIVE event, corporate media communications, testimonial, explainer, or coverage of live events. EG Media Group will work with you to create engaging and conversion-centric content to help you achieve your goals.  We excel at removing friction from the buying process.  We aim to inspire and foster an emotional connection with your audience and customers through impactful, engaging storytelling, and video marketing strategies.


Some clients, whether with or without their own marketing department, may have a clear idea of how best to approach, message, produce, develop their brand, and distribute their video production project to their intended audience. We LOVE that!  A seasoned, responsible, and creative video agency should not only listen, but provide alternatives to help elevate your brand.  Experienced, objective opinions are a valuable resource that indicate our client’s best interests ARE at the core of what we do.  Creating unexpected approaches to use video to captivate the imagination, capture the hearts and minds of your customers, and deliver results is the kind of collaboration we find exciting.


Greatest untapped EVENT MARKETING tool, EVER!


We begin every project with a ‘discovery’ conversation, where we learn about your audience/target demographic, your company brand, and your video needs. If an agency isn’t asking you lots of questions, ones especially focused on connecting your brand with your target audience, then they aren’t really invested in your success and ROI.  After initial conversations, we’ll pull together a proposal that outlines not only our suggested approach but also the goals and objectives of the video project, the intended audience, and how best to connect and engage with them. 


Every corporate video has a purpose: to tell stories of how beneficial your product or service is to your clients, to capture testimonials on video, move-the-needle to convert a viewer into a buyer, or become invested in your company/brand.  Telling the chronological story of the founding of your company alone, while perhaps interesting, has its place.  Telling the story of HOW your company, its products, its services, and its people improve the lives of clients…THAT often makes all the difference when it comes to converting an on-the-fence potential client into a loyal, repeat client/customer.  For our business clients, we are constantly optimizing content for viewing, placement, call-to-action, and delivery across social media, web, and paid media.  In-facility video (think physician’s waiting rooms, auto dealerships, dentist waiting rooms, grocery stores, etc.) offers a smart way to upsell and convert.

Choosing Video Marketing Locations

Your script is flawless, the actors are hired, and the cameras are ready to roll. Now you just need to pick the ideal setting to complement the message and goals of your video. A location that’s engaging, but not distracting, and that fully captivates your audience, placing them in the middle of a compelling movie or a product/services video spot.


Choosing the perfect location can be a challenge: do you want to shoot on-location or in-studio? Is the location your office or somewhere else entirely? If you choose in-studio: are you using a green screen? Do you need a virtual set? Any location you choose comes with its pro’s and con’s. Let us help you select the perfect location for your next project.

Explore Different Locations

Green Screen

Virtual Set

On Location

Need Help Scouting Your Next Filming Location? Contact Us Today!


7 Ways To Utilize Video

television (1).png


With hundreds of channels, thousands of messages, and that handy DVR fast-forward option, TV is a brutally competitive playing field. Your TV spot has to grab your customers’ attention, create top-of-mind awareness/recall, and prompt those ready to take action to do so...with your company or service. EG Media Group can produce an engaging video ad that promotes your message in a 30 or 15 second commercial as well as a 30-minute infomercial that, with proper placement, RECEIVES


website (1).png


Wherever you utilize video, ensure there’s some type of CTA (call-to-action) to draw more customers to your website and keep them there longer. By integrating video, such as product demonstrations, service overviews or customer testimonials, into your website, it becomes a fully interactive sales tool. You can offer robust product information that increases your potential for long-term customer relationships and a boost in profits.


Email Marketing

According to Forrester, when video is used in email marketing, the clickthrough rate increases by 200%. Announcing a new product? Incorporate a 3D walkaround to give your customers a sneak peek before it’s introduced to the masses. A great sale coming up? Show your product in action so your audience sees how it can benefit them, increasing your chance for a big sale.


Training sessions 

Getting employees together for training can be a logistical nightmare and a budget destroyer. Instead, engage them in training right from their desks, saving thousands on travel and personnel costs. In addition, on the customer side, product demonstrations and online training can help your audience use your products to their full advantage.

calendar (1).png


Covering events, capturing video to be used for marketing purposes, streaming LIVE events (we’ve streamed events of up to 2mil plus)…we LOVE IT!  Get more mileage out of every event you produce, from charity events to product launches, by sharing an engaging highlight video with your customers. Thanks to high-tech video and editing expertise, your audience will feel like they’re in the front row with every view. 

seo (1).png

Online Marketing/Advertising 

Pre-roll, OTT (over-the-top), and unique quick-hit online video ads are smart ways to use videos online.  Social media is another. Video is as much a part of social media as are selfies.  SEO (search engine optimization) is incredibly important, and video can play a vital SEO role.  Proper video content, when aligned with the way search engines scour and gather content (algorithms), WILL help elevate your brand. More often than not, pages that attract the most organic traffic are pages WITH video.  Keep in mind over 90% of ALL online experiences begin on a search engine…let us help you improve your SEO by creating strategic, goal oriented, high quality video content.  We plan ahead…almost every video EG Media Group creates for your business can be edited for strategic sharing/advertising through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and other social sites to help you get the most bang for your buck.


In-facility promotion 

The best way to ensure your message is heard loud and clear is to broadcast it to a captive audience. Think of the monitors in your doctor’s office or the overhead TVs at your local grocery store. When your customers are sitting in your waiting room, waiting in line, or walking up and down your aisles, in-facility video is ideal for introducing them to new products and upselling your services.

At EG Media Group, we help you determine the best ways to use captured video before we ever yell “ ACTION”. We‘ll discover where your audience congregates, in person and online, and produce a piece that speaks one-on-one to them, no matter where they watch it.

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