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Turn Your Next Expo or Event into A Social Sharing Content Generating Machine!

Whether you are marketing from your own purchased booth space, you are a presenter/panelist, or the expo is YOUR organization or company's premier annual event/fundraiser, you should be capturing AMAZING video content AT THE EXPO or event for future marketing purposes.

First...create a plan of what content to capture and how you are going to USE that content. Second, determine how much video content you want (for example, if you want 3-6 months of social sharing content to promote your next expo, your service, or your business, you'll need a lot of pics and video). Third, it might be wise to select some video/interview pros adept at doing this kind of thing and simply make their services an integral part of your marketing budget.


  • For Expo Organizers & Event Coordinators - your event ROCKS, right? The best way to bottle-up the excitement and ENERGY of your expo/event and market future events to a new audience is via video ( ...capture B-Roll at the event, take pics of smiling attendees, allow booth owners to explain why they attend YOUR expo every year and how important attending is to THEIR business(s)

  • Capture your speaking presentation/lecture on video (2-camera shoot) and collect testimonials IMMEDIATELY following your presentation...professionally edit pre-selected parts of your lecture into bite-sized social sharing videos...ditto with the testimonials...not only can you edit content for social sharing, but if you have a brick & mortar business, you can set up a dedicated monitor to play the content on a loop...along with 'WHY', 'HOW TO' or 'SAFETY' videos (for example) from you or others on staff at your company

  • Are you a member of a 'roundtable of experts' discussion...PROFESSIONALLY VIDEOTAPE THAT!

  • If you have secured a booth at an expo and you're pretty good at what you do/promote, then you likely generate a 'buzz' at your booth throughout the day - GET THAT 'BUZZ' ON VIDEO and share it on social media to promote you, your business/service

  • Educate, Educate, Educate...obtain approval to set up a dedicated space at the expo to interview presenters, lecturers, experts and share their knowledge with your social media audience

  • Set-up a podcast/vodcast at the expo...that usually draws a crowd...ask experts in their respective fields to join you 'at the mic' for a few minutes...not only can you social share that content on your future vlogs, but you can pay-it-forward with your interviewees by providing them edited content to share on their social networks

Whether you've rented event space FOR your event, paid for a booth AT the event, or you're a FEATURED presenter or panelist...don't waste this great opportunity to gather ENGAGING marketing video content for your business/service.

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