Podcast Production Services

Bill "Shoe"


Head Producer

"Shoe" has earned numerous on-air and production awards during his years in BIG MARKET radio. He has produced podcasts that have won awards and received international acclaim (the #1 health & fitness podcast on Apple Podcast with millions of listeners, for example).

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Podcasting Packages


Silver Package

$350.00 per episode

· Turn-Key platform

· Pre-record virtual assistant scheduling

· Basic virtual Record

· Basic audio editing

· Digital File Management & Delivery

· We reserve the right to add a 15 sec production company promo on the tail of each episode.


Gold Package

$650.00 per episode

· Everything in Silver Package plus…

· Custom Branded Open & Close with music

· Interviewee onboarding & post show record emails

· A PDF "quick start guide" for getting the mic installed

· Sound tested, they send back a recording for sound quality purposes, etc.

· Follow up email “Thank You” with platforms - air date & time

· Hardware recommendations & logistics

· Coordinating mic IT&QC to future guests before the episode

· One (1) 15-30 second sound bite teaser


Platinum Package

$850.00 per episode

· Everything in Gold Package plus…

· Plug & Play Fully Produced Podcast

· Written guest Intro

· Polished formatted professional show

· Custom music bed (special thanks & credits)

· Writer/Producer Attached & present for recordings

· Quarterly performance reports

A la carte

· Pre-roll Sponsor Spot : 30 sec (currently taken by your company or services)

· Video-Podcast

· Branded Sting/Video

· Mid-Roll Sponsor/Branded Content Spot

· Custom Music Bed

· Guest Speaker Promo/Teaser (15 seconds)

· Publicity (Print Media, Yahoo, Google and more)

· Talent/Interviewee Booking & Interview Prep

· Graphic Design

· Website Design (can be a subscription or Point-of-Sale site)

· SEO/Social Media

· Optimize for keywords/transcript

· Update existing social media accounts/Create NEW accounts

· Assess audience

· Demo verification and creation of Listener Persona Profiles

· Analytics & Posting History Analyzation/Reporting

· Analyze competitor Analytics

· Social Media Outlets Include: YouTube, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik-Tok, Instagram, other channels

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