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Copy of Consider Making Podcasting Part of Your Company’s Marketing Platform

Podcasting and, really, on-demand content in general is HOT right now and will be for the foreseeable future. The on-demand content consumption paradigm shift is in full swing, to be certain.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, the main question you need to ask yourself is ‘would you/your company benefit from having a podcast and, if so, how?’

Next, listen to podcasts in your industry and podcasts about your interests outside work. This will comprise part of your podcasting research. Listen to the difference in audio quality. Pay attention to the podcast format. Determine what format aspects you like and dislike.

Determine what types of people/companies might comprise your listening audience, AND, what, on behalf of your business, are you wanting to accomplish with your podcast?

Will your podcast be solo or have a co-host. Will you disseminate information and advice only or will you have guests? Will you record ‘AS LIVE’ or incorporate a substantial amount of editing and create more of a pre-produced Q & A podcast product? Maybe the best choice for your company’s podcast host is not you, but others in your employ or an outside talent.

Take the time to phone a podcasting expert…it can be a podcaster whose podcast you already listen to. Have an open conversation with them. Better yet, have an introductory/ideation podcasting conversation with a seasoned media person well versed in podcast production and distribution. There are a variety of podcast formats to utilize. An experienced podcast professional can offer advice on podcast subjects like: tech/equipment, post-production, the importance of GREAT audio, microphone technique, interviewing techniques, software, distribution and more. If you simply want to record the podcast and skip the rest of the work that needs to be done to ensure your podcast sounds great and is being seen by your target audience, that same podcasting professional can probably solve that issue for you as well.

Remember that a podcast should be FUN. Educating and engaging with listeners on a high level is key. But, if you’re NOT having fun, listeners CAN hear that. If your energy level is dragging, your listenership numbers/downloads will drag as well.

Here’s a list of potential podcast pluses for you and your business:

· Podcasts can be an effective tool to drive potential clients to your desired online location or into your brick and mortar business

· Looking for a good lead-generation-tool…PODCASTS can do that, too

· Podcasts, similar to public speaking, can go a long way to establishing you and your company as the local, regional or national expert(s) in your field/business vertical

· Podcast guests with large social and industry followings help expand your/your company’s reach

· Podcast guests often turn into long-term, mutually beneficial and productive business relationships

Podcast with a PURPOSE…and enjoy the podcasting process.

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