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Podcast Production Services

Video Game Invention

Professional Filmmaker makes a Big Difference

When you hire an amateur you may get:

dslr-camera (1).png

Low-quality iPhone or DLSR footage

dslr-camera (1).png

Bad Lighting and Poor Audio Quality

dslr-camera (1).png

Videos that don't tell a story

dslr-camera (1).png

Videos that don't convert and waste your money

When you hire a professional you may get:


High-quality footage shot with professional gear


A professional product made by a reliable team


Story-driven video


A quality product that gets results

We at EG Media Group have conducted over a year of research.  We've interviewed authors and publishing houses.  

We've listened to the disappointments voiced by indie authors regarding year-long marketing contracts with marketers and publishing firms that fail to follow through on their marketing commitments.  Our branding methodology incorporates both authors and their books. 

Our agreements and commitments are quarterly in length, ensuring we earn your business short term while laying the groundwork for long-term success.  Your retention of our services is based on our performance each quarter. 


We meet in person or via video conference with authors to assess and review marketing data and our branding methodology incorporates both authors and their books.   

Our goal is to increase your brand and help you sell more books by providing international exposure, digital advertising & highly shareable social media content through promotional posts, infographics, podcast/videocast services, public relations, websites with e-commerce, and more.

Bill "Shoe"


Head Producer

"Shoe" has earned numerous on-air and production awards during his years in BIG MARKET radio. He has produced podcasts that have won awards and received international acclaim (the #1 health & fitness podcast on Apple Podcast with millions of listeners, for example).

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By Utilizing Video, Podcasting, and Online Marketing…TODAY!

Podcasting Packages


Silver Package

$350.00 per episode

· Turn-Key platform

· Pre-record virtual assistant scheduling

· Basic virtual Record

· Basic audio editing

· Digital File Management & Delivery

· We reserve the right to add a 15 sec production company promo on the tail of each episode.


Gold Package

$650.00 per episode

· Everything in Silver Package plus…

· Custom Branded Open & Close with music

· Interviewee onboarding & post show record emails

· A PDF "quick start guide" for getting the mic installed

· Sound tested, they send back a recording for sound quality purposes, etc.

· Follow up email “Thank You” with platforms - air date & time

· Hardware recommendations & logistics

· Coordinating mic IT&QC to future guests before the episode

· One (1) 15-30 second sound bite teaser


Platinum Package

$850.00 per episode

· Everything in Gold Package plus…

· Plug & Play Fully Produced Podcast

· Written guest Intro

· Polished formatted professional show

· Custom music bed (special thanks & credits)

· Writer/Producer Attached & present for recordings

· Quarterly performance reports

A la carte

· Pre-roll Sponsor Spot : 30 sec (currently taken by your company or services)

· Video-Podcast

· Branded Sting/Video

· Mid-Roll Sponsor/Branded Content Spot

· Custom Music Bed

· Guest Speaker Promo/Teaser (15 seconds)

· Publicity (Print Media, Yahoo, Google and more)

· Talent/Interviewee Booking & Interview Prep

· Graphic Design

· Website Design (can be a subscription or Point-of-Sale site)

· SEO/Social Media

· Optimize for keywords/transcript

· Update existing social media accounts/Create NEW accounts

· Assess audience

· Demo verification and creation of Listener Persona Profiles

· Analytics & Posting History Analyzation/Reporting

· Analyze competitor Analytics

· Social Media Outlets Include: YouTube, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik-Tok, Instagram, other channels

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